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What's wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up

2020 EVENT

White Wedding

Online Interactive Conference

November 30 - December 11, 2020


Starts at 5:30 PM MST (Denver, Colorado USA)

Weekdays Only

The Lord's Worship-filled Presence is featured, as bridal hearts fellowship together to explore the mysteries of purity, righteousness, holiness and truth.

Behold, fire and ice are mingling at this time to refine His Precious Bride. The cover is being ripped off false worship structures. As you fully surrender to Him, you will behold the true nature of everything.


A donation for any amount, as the Spirit leads

(recordings are included)

White Wedding 2 - Plain.jpg






The book is a must read. I waited

so long in my life to finally have the

answers I always wondered about.

I knew those answers were out

there but never thought I would

ever find them till now. It's all

there. It's profoundly accurate, and

laid out for the reader to

understand. It all makes so much

sense to me now!

2019 EVENT


"Walking With Yeshua" Conference 


December 2019

10-Day Intensive: $175.

Here is a glorious preview:

2018 EVENT


"Revelations From Metatron" Conference 


December 2018

10-Day Intensive: $250.

Please enjoy this yummy preview:

2017 EVENT


"Light of the Messiah" Conference 


December 2017

5-Day Intensive: $125.

Please enjoy this scrumptious preview:

2016 EVENT

"Wedding Feast of the Lamb" Conference 

December 2016

5-Day Intensive: $125.

Please enjoy this superb preview:

2015 EVENT

"The Feast" Conference 

December 2015

15-Sessions Intensive: $150.

Please enjoy this delicious preview:

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