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SANTA-TIZING "Truth Be Told"

Video Series

#1 - Roots of Christmas

It may surprise most Christians that the roots of Christmas are firmly planted in the Mystery of Iniquity and the Golden Calf. Come walk on the kingdom side -- His bridal path -- in an examination of the very roots of America's most loved holiday

#2 - Where Christmas Comes From

Do you know where Christmas has been and where its going? This video does an in-depth examination of where Christmas comes from. You will be intrigued and enlightened by this historically and scripturally accurate point-of-view. BTW - It comes from studying Christmas extensively for over 10 years.  Come! Let's take a celebratory walk on His Bridal Path!

#3- Yule Love Christmas

The very name by which Christmas is also know -- Yule Day  or the Yuletide Season -- is literally linked to its Babylonian origins. See how we literally tap into an authentic Yuletide Spirit when we crown our children as king during the Christmas Season as well as getting entangled in an endless loop of nostalgia where we repeat childhood.

#4- O I-Doll-A-Tree

Exploring the origins of the Christmas Tree. Especial attention given to Christian accounts. Find out what all these Christian stories have in common.

#5- Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah - History Part I

The Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah reveals a fire bride who stands in the midst of His Winter One-Der-Land. As we discover the actual history of the first Hanukkah, pay attention to what the Maccabees overthrew in order to purely worship the Most High God. See how Biblical Feasts are the lynch pins of light that brings the One New Man in the Messiah (Jew and Gentile) together again.

#6- Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah - History Part II

The second part of the history of Hanukkah in the Blazing New Wine of Hanukkah series goes into the five arduous battles that precede the re-dedication of God's Altar. Within this story are vital keys for the purity of God's Altar (our hearts), His Temple (our bodies), and the freedom to worship God as He prescribed in His Word.

#7- Spirit of Christmas

Every Christmas Season we are told to believe in the Spirit of Christmas, and Christians try to personalize that as the Holy Spirit. But is it, or is it make believe? Check out this history of Saint Nicholas as well as Santa Claus and his dark historical links to Satan.

SANTA-TIZING "Truth Be Told" Video Series available for purchase on the RESOURCES page.

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